What is the strongest animal?

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What is the strongest animal?

Post by Justina » Fri May 18, 2018 3:41 pm

What is the strongest animal?


Re: What is the strongest animal?

Post by Cowan » Fri May 18, 2018 6:16 pm

The Strongest Animal The Hercules beetle is considered the strongest lifter.
It is also known as rhinoceros beetle (latin name: dynastes ercules)
This insect's avg mass is 20g yet it can lift 17 kg, that is 850 times its own mass!! Can you lift an SUV?

What about Ants and Elephants?
Well, Consider This...
Because, all animals use similar molecules in their muscles, the muscles of all animals is (very roughly) the same strength in terms of force per cross sectional area.
However, an animal twice as long typically has muscles roughly four times the cross sectional area (resulting in 4 times the force), but a body weight roughly eight times as much.
Because of that power law scaling, the bigger an animal is, the more absolute force its muscles can produce, but the less of that force can be applied to the outside world -- more of that force is required just to move the muscle itself around.
  • And so the animals that can lift the most weight relative to the total weight of the animal are generally the smallest animals -- ants, fleas, etc.
  • But the animals that can move the biggest weights (absolute) strength are generally the largest single animals -- elephants, Clydesdale horses, etc.

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