Why are animals poached?

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Why are animals poached?

Post by Conor » Fri May 18, 2018 3:42 pm

Why are animals poached?


Re: Why are animals poached?

Post by Duane » Fri May 18, 2018 5:25 pm

In poor countries animals are usually poached for food, money(by
selling the poached animal on). In wealthier countries animals may
be poached for the thrill of it.

Animals may get poached for their furs, skin, ivory, meat, or other
body parts.
People poach animals cause they are evil and have no respect for animals.


mostly they poach for money, it is usually poorer countries who have the worst poaching problems, but even here in Britain poaching goes on.
some poach for fun, some to make a name for themselves, there are probably many reasons.

they are evil, they usually have different beliefs on what animals are and mean and how they should be treated
places like china, India etc have different beliefs and see cats dogs tigers etc as food, clothing and a way to make money.

they are extremely ignorant to the fact that animals feel pain sadness etc the same way we do and treat them like merchandise

these beliefs differ and change as time goes on, not that long ago(50 years or so) Britain wasn't too bothered about animal welfare either!

so things do change, but it still happens.

Regardless of whether they respect the animals or nor, Ivory is very expensive, rhino horns are used in some Vietnamese cultures, and other animals are simply poached as a delicacy. They can bless/sacrifice the animal all they want, they can still poach it. They definitely know that animals have feelings however they use them to make money. It's as simple as that. It happens simply because countries have lax laws on poaching or it is not thoroughly enforced. However it all boils down to the fact that people who poach are disregarding the lives of animals and using them as a commodity.
Because they either need food, clothing, or Ivory.
poachers kill animals out of greed, as illegal markets can fetch huge sums for different body parts like skin etc. of the animals.

New person here; Poachers kill animals for many reasons. The one I hate most is because of their fur! Two animals ( Tigers and Sharks ) get made into soup when you can't even taste it! Shark Fin Soup, Tiger Tounge Soup, It's just so cruel...
poachers kill animals because their bones/organs fur etc. are very valuable in certain cultures
Mainly because the parts of the animals they hunt are valuable and expensive.

For the moeny

For the moeny

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